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Essex Electrical Solutions LTD is one of the leading specialists in the supply and installation of electrical vehicle charging equipment for both electric and hybird vehicles.

We can provide your home or business with professional EV Charging Installation solutions. We deliver highly innovative solutions to all commercial, industrial, construction and residential buildings across Essex, London, Sussex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

Our professionals have installed well over 500 domestic and workplace chargers to date.  

Our engineers have extensive experience in working with electric vehicles and can advise you on the best unit for your individual needs. Simply get in touch with us here at Essex Electrical Solutions and we’ll provide our expert guidance so you can make a the right decision for your home and vehicle.

Our specialists will always follow the latest in electric vehicle charging point regulations.

With all our work tested and NICIEC certified, you have the knowlegde that your new EV charging equipment will perfrom as it should. 

Essex Electrical Solutions Ltd are approved installers with many leading manufacturing suppliers of EV chargers in the UK.

Here are a just a few of the companies we work with.


If you’re wondering whether to just use a 3-pin plug to charge your car, then this is possible, although not advisable. Your standard 3-pin plug offers 2.3kW of charge, so if your vehicle has a 40kWH battery, then you’d be looking at around 17 hours of charging time.

EV charging points are much faster and more cost-effective in the long run. Here are some points to consider before booking your EV charging point installation.


2 options untethered and tethered. An untethered charger will allow you to connect with any electric vehicle, whether its a type 2 or type 3. Definitely ideal if you have more than one EV vehicle in your household or business. The downside you have to carry your cable in your EV. A tethered option allows you to connect your EV without having to carry your charger around. Some people prefer this option as you may have to pay extra for a lead. The downside: Ties you down to just one vehcile type.


The smart EV chargers are very clever smart devices that work across the WI-FI to extract information from your vehicle and the grid. With their smart technology the chargers are then able calculate the most cost-efficient and energy-efficient time of the day and week to charge your vehicle. The Goverment homecharge scheme requires smart chargers to be installed in all premisies to help reduce cost. They are one of the most popular chargers we install to date.


EV chargers come in three options of power with an AC 3kW, 7kW and 22kW all chargers are available for you to have in your home or business. But here is the information you really want to know, the average time taken on a  full charge: 3kW = 12hrs, 7kW = 6hrs and 22kW = 3hrs

(you will need a 3 phase supply for a 22kW charger)

Our most sort after option is the 7kW, with most customers charging their vehicles over night.


Most commerical properties are 3 phase suppiled, allowing your business to have a 400v 3 phase 22kW charger. Chargers also can come in three options of power with a 22kW, 50kW and 175kW. Depending on the size of your incoming supply cable, main fuse, and maximum demand. Here is some more information you may like to know, average time taken on a 80% charge: 22kW =1.5hrs, 50kW = 1hrs and a 175kW = 15mins.  Our most requested option on a DC charge and battery is the 50kW


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